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  • We offer several different flight package to get you started on flight training.
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Cool Links for Children and Young Adults


  • THE TEACHER’S GUIDE – A collection of Aviation Lesson Plans, Aviation Themes, Aviation Printouts, Aviation Crafts, Aviation Clipart
  • PILOT PALS – Put yourself in the pilot’s seat with Pilot Pals! Pilot Pals introduces early learners, ages 4-6, to basic concepts about weather, parts of the airplane, rockets, sizes, shapes, and patterns.
  • YOUNG EAGLES – Take the first steps to make your dream of flying come true. See and experience what pilots do on the ground and in the air with a free Young Eagles introductory flight!
  • AOPA’s AV8Rs –  The youth membership allows AOPA to make an early connection with young people aged 13-18 and raise awareness of aviation and flight through education, engagement, cultivation and support.
  • Fun Paper Airplanes – Download any of the Free paper airplane designs and Get Flying!
  • First In Flight – The Wright Brothers – For Rachel and her children who found this great page!

Need Transportation while visiting our airport?




  • Density Altitude “DenAlt” App for the iPhone by Flight Instructor Marcus Staloff
  • Weight and Balance “EZ Load” App for the iPhone by Flight Instructor Marcus Staloff
  • Foreflight App for the iPhone and iPad.  The app provides access to high quality weather, airport intelligence, A/FD, service providers, flight planning, and much more.
  • BadElf – Make your iPhone, iPad, iTouch into a GPS
  • Aviation Weather from NOAA/NWS – This app adds the following abilities to the site: save your favorite METAR & TAF searches, search for multiple stations at a time, designate an alternate default station to use on the site’s home page.  Available from Apple and Google.
  • Go Fly AOPAAviation Apps from AOPA for Pilots on-the-fly
  • Sporty’s – A list of Aviation Apps and supplies by Sporty’s or recommended by Sporty’s Pilot Shop
  • Moble Flight Deck VFR from Jeppesen