• Garmin 430 & 530
  • Auto-Pilot
  • IFR Certified
  • Increased Payload
  • Constant Speed Propeller
  • Ergonomic Flight Stick
  • Wide View Canopy
  • Flying the Diamond DA40 Article

Member Hourly Price – $155.00

Member 20 Hour Block – $150.00

Diamond DA40


Freeflight Aviation Membership Required


FREEFLIGHT AVIATION has joined with LifeStyle Aviation to begin development as a Diamond Flight Center.  Lifestyle Aviation is a global organization committed to delivering 21st century aircraft that pilots want.  Diamond has built a network of Diamond Flight Centers (DFC) across North American that are an exclusive group of schools committed to providing high quality flight training using Diamond aircraft and Diamond specific training to ensure you training experience will be the best in the industry.

DiamondShareTM Program – The Smart Way to Buy and FlyTM

FREEFLIGHT AVIATION has partnered with LifeStyle Aviation / Diamond Aircraft to offer a unique opportunity created to provide all pilots an affordable option to have ownership or access to an amazing new modern aircraft so they can achieve their dreams and goals. Our Secret is Sharing. The idea is simple and the implementation is brilliant. By pooling members and owners via the DiamondShare™ Share & Save program, you can dramatically reduce your total cost of ownership while enhancing your overall aircraft ownership experience.  Visit DiamondShare to learn more!

Diamond Lease Back TM Program – The Smart Way to Buy and FlyTM

FREEFLIGHT AVIATION has partnered with Diamond Aircraft to offer another approach to aircraft ownership that brings guaranteed monthly income for your first year to cover your financing while your plane gets established.  This program is unique to any other program and helps leaseback owners justify ownership of a new Diamond DA20 or DA40 as a leaseback aircraft to a flight school of their choice. Visit DiamondLeaseBack to learn more!