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The passion for flight may have been with you always but the doors to this passion may not be fully open. One must have a personal experience to open the wings to your flight passion. We suggest an Introductory Discovery Flight.

The Discovery Flight is a hand’s on flight experiences.  Our FAA Certificated Flight Instructor will teach you some basic principles about flight prior to departing on your first flight in the aircraft.  You will get a chance to learn about starting the aircraft, taxing the aircraft to the runway of departure, the departing procedures, and a chance to manage the controls of the aircraft, all under the control of one of our Flight Instructors.

What to Expect During a Discovery Flight, check it out HERE!

Are you ready to take your Discovery Flight yet?

Just give us a call our purchase a Gift Certificate HERE for someone you Love!

A short story

A Passion for Flying by Nicholas A. Eastman, chick HERE

Just search the phase and you will find more stories on the Passion of Flying.


Where do I really start after My Discovery Flight? 

Recreational or Private Pilot Certificate – This is where you start!!

With a private pilot certificate you will have the freedom to fly wherever you want, day or night once you get your Private Pilot Certificate!!

The recreational pilot certificate imposes many flight restrictions on the pilot. With several more hours of flight training you can have your private certificate and more freedom to fly.

Both certificates are considered “VFR” or flight under visual flight restrictions or “no flying in the clouds”


Instrument Airplane Rating – Become a better pilot!!

Not every pilot needs an instrument rating, but this rating will built your flying skill, your confidence, and allow you take flight into the clouds, something your private pilot certificate will not allow. This will also provide you the necessary skills to make it safely to your destination if weather conditions worsen.


Commercial Pilot Certificate – Get paid to fly!!

A Commercial Pilot Certificate is required for anyone that wants a career as a pilot.  The commercial pilot certificate will allow you to get paid to fly!

Whether your goal is become a flight instructor to teach others or take flight to the sky with an airline, this rating is one more step in the right direction towards your career or hobby.

The commercial pilot certificate will also increase your skills as a pilot until you master a number of advanced maneuvers and can handle more complex aircraft, an aircraft with a controllable pitched propeller and retractable gear. We use the piper arrow, N79VM for part of this training.


Flight Instructor Course – To teach the joy the flying!!

After you’ve earn your commercial pilot certificate, you may start training to become a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).

If you are thinking about an airline career, the airlines favor pilots who have built their time instructing other pilots.  The CFI certificate has given the pilot the understanding, skills, and patience needed on teaching others, an important aspect in regards to the aviation industry.


Multi-Engine and Multi-Engine Flight Instructor Course – Adding to your flight skills!!

The Multi-Engine and Multi-Engine CFI will again increase your skills as a pilot and teach you co-pit management of operation more than one engine.

At this time Freeflight does not offer these choices but can direct you to a facility that does provide these training services.


Notable Accomplishments

Congratulations to our students.

Ian’s student, Samantha completed her solo course country to Georgetown, DE.

Ian’s student, John completed his solo.

Tony’s student, George completed his solo.

Josh’s student Jacob completed his solo.

A Passion for Flying
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