Join LifeStyle Aviation for The Elite Event – New York – Essex County Airport – Sept. 8-9, 2017

LifeStyle Aviation will be featuring the Diamond DA62, the newest addition to their modern line of personal aircraft. The DA62 is an ultra-luxury7-passenger personal jet-fuel burning twin-engine aircraft that makes personal flight practical and easy to justify. For those wanting to be the captain of their freedom and learn to fly, LifeStyle Aviation will be displaying the Diamond DA40 XLT which is the critically acclaimed “Perfect First Aircraft” to learn to fly and enter the Aviation LifeStyle.

Join us for The Elite Event – New York | September 8-9, 2017

The Montgomery Gentry Concert at the Flying W Airport September 8th

Because of the upcoming Montgomery Gentry Concert event ( at the Flying W Airport this coming Friday, September 8th the Airport Operations, the Runway, and the Facilities will be closed from 5 PM to 11PM.

Due to this upcoming concert event, our aircraft have been moved to the parking area near Helicopter Flight Services. While the aircraft are parked in this area, we do not want the aircraft parked at flight operations unless you are the flight instructor that removed that aircraft that parking area.

From our discussion with the Flying W Airport, tickets are still available online for this event, or you can purchase tickets at the gate.

Purchase Tickets HERE

Private Pilot Training Class

Our next Private Pilot Ground School Training Class will start this Tuesday evening Sept 12 at 6 PM.

For more information, please click HERE


FAA Safety Seminars are Back at the Flying W Airport for the fall season.

The next Safety Seminar will be on Thursday September 14th starting at 7 PM. The subject will be: Pilot Awareness and Local Airspace Navigation – Mid Air Collision Avoidance and Intercept Procedures as it relates to the local airspace.  Click HERE to learn more or to register for this seminar.

Discovery Flights, Gift Certificates!

Are still available at Freeflight Aviation.

You can even purchase these items online today.

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Learn to Fly!


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